We offer design, EPC/EPCM/BOOT/Turnkey services as contractors or consultants for large infrastructure projectsAbout

Sintmond Technical Services . was a registered in 2004 to offer supplies and services solution for Power Plant and Industrial sector. In 2010, the company rebranded to Sintmond Group Ltd to offer designEPC/EPCM/BOOT/Turnkey services as Contractors or Consultants for Large Infrastructure projects. These are in 7 segments namely:

  1. Energy- Power plants, Transmissions, Subsea, Offshore and Onshore, Refineries ,Renewable
  2. ICT – Network and Fiber installations
  3. Transportation-Roads, Airports ,Railways
  4. Mining- Turnkey plant installations
  5. Environment- EIA,Audits, Safe disposal of Hazardous Products
  6. Agriculture- Full turnkey plant Installations
  7. Specialized inspections and Equipment



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We would love to hear from you and possibly discuss how we can solve your industrial, aviation and ICT needs. Get in touch with us at your convenience and with any of the address shown here below and we promise we will get back to you.